मंगलवार, 31 मार्च 2020

KOVID 19 Lockdown in India :Problem of Migrant Labours & Workers

             People who have left Delhi in hordes after 21 days of lockdown are not afraid of any invading army or enemy in form of religious bigots during riots as happened after partition, rather it is losing their source of income, looming uncertainty and fear of epidemic that is driving the people towards their homes. When they have lost livelihood there is logically no reason for them to stay there as that was the reason for their migration. They are rejecting the life of living like a beggar dependent on Govt. alms. Had the Govt. fixed some amount as allowance just as NAREGA labour charges, situation might have been different.

       Problem of daily wage earners was imminent and  the Govt. should have anticipated it and planned for it.

        Normally people should have been given  one or two days time to leave before transport means were stopped. However,  the Govt. wanted a lockdown and sudden decisions are a hallmark of Modi Govt , therefore such an option was probably not considered at all. Modi ji is capable of taking hard decisions and more so ever he believes that people are ultimately going to back him. He believed that people would abide by what he says. Maybe he also considers the whole country as one and I think that is the reason he didn't expect that people would make efforts to leave their place of work on a large scale. 

     In a country of 13 billions , such incidences on  some scale are imminent and doesn't make the decision of lockdown a failure. People who doesn't want to stay in Delhi or their place of work and want to leave for home should be allowed to do so. Here also some planning is required. Social distancing should have been maintained and isolation , even when people reach home, would have been required.

           State Govt. should not reject their own people as some are doing due to fear of epidemic. Rather they should allow them to come and follow proper medical protocol.  Halfzarred manner of taking the problem and efforts to solve as it comes, is creating problems. If Indian people from foreign countries would not have been brought home , people would have blamed the Govt. of leaving its own people helpless on foreign shores. In case of Indian pilgrims who have been brought to the country from Iran,  people would have blamed the Govt. of communal bias.Just as Central Govt. didn't reject its own citizens, State Govt.s should also not reject their own people and rather allow them to come and follow medical protocols.

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