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Tabligi Jamat Markaz and KOVID 19

Tabligi Jamat Markaz and KOVID 19

         After Tabligi Jamat Markaz Case, suddenly I see that many people have discovered communal angle in  COVID-19 Epidemic. Some are equating Tabligi Jamat, responsible for sudden spike in Covid 19 Cases in the country as 180 cases of newly reported 386 cases on Ist of April 2020 belong to Markaz ,  with common muslim community. There are many who are defending Markaz. For this purpose they are posting a copy of letter of Markaz written on 24th of March to the authorities. Some are quoting Manjnu Ka Tila Gurudwara matter where 200 people, who had taken shelter ,  were evacuated. Some have posted photos of mobs at Anand Vihar, someone has posted photographe of Chhath celebration by a small mob at a place in Bihar. One person has written that there are 40,000 people hiding at Tirupati. Some of these allegations are unsubstantiated. Whether substantiated or unsubstantiated such incidence can not justify a big congregation at Markaz including foreigners during lockdown period.One mistake can't be used to justify another mistake.  Social distancing and other safety measures were not followed at the congregation which was unlae in the light of orders issued by Delhi State Govt. Not only this, participants were inspired to not follow precautions for KOVID 19 as those were against Islam. The congregation included representatives from different states of the nation. Many of them have become afflicted with COVID 19 , some have died also.Definitely many have returned to their native places as carriers of COVID 19. It is also questionable that more than 300 Muslim Maulanas from foreign countries had come to India on tourist visa but intelligence as well as law & order agencies were unable to find  out real purpose of their visit to India. While office holders of Markaz are definitely responsible for this blunder, state authorities as well as law and order agencies also can't escape their responsibility. It is probable that they wanted to avoid a showdown with a minority community organisation as that might have snowballed into a communal issue.

        Markaz is a hardline Muslim community organisation and there are many Muslims who don't subscribe to it's ideology, so those equating it with general Muslim  community are also doing a disservice by adding a communal angle to the COVID 19 epidemic. 

         COVID 19 Disease doesn't choose it's prey by caste or religion. It doesn't distinguishes between individuals. Whether a Hindu or  Muslim if infected, if not isolated and quarantined , is bound to infect others including Hindus as well as Muslims. So everybody should behave responsibly and if he doesn't others including law enforcing agencies should step in to stem the rot.

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